Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Geo Centre

We had such a great time when our friends were visiting. They were very tolerant of a slightly crazed stay-at-home mother and two children tagging along with them most places they went. I got to enjoy the ‘mothering’ of our twelve year old twin God-daughters who had a boy each when it came time to put them into or take them out of their car seats. I also don’t think I pushed the stroller the whole week they were here! Even their 10 year old boy – and his mother was very surprised by this – was very tolerant of Iain following him everywhere and watching over his shoulder as he played on his DS.

One of the nice things about having company is having the opportunity to play tourist in your own town. One of the places we re-visited during their trip was the Geo Centre. It is a great any day place to visit for a variety of ages and, as before, we also ended up in the Kidzone (the younger children's play space) for awhile.

This particular day was Family Fun Day. We were late getting there so there were very few other families in line for the festivities. There was bean bag tossing, goo making (which Iain did under the supervision of a staff member) and face painting. Unfortunately, the staff face painter was a little slow. When the boys and I lined up, one of the mothers had volunteered to paint some faces to help with the line up. However, she had already decided to finish by the time we arrived. This was the first time that the boys had ever had the opportunity to have their faces painted and, though I have never face painted before, I decided that was not going to stop me from trying my hand at making my three year old into a tiger.


And my one year old into a rather possessed looking clown.


Here’s a gentler clown picture.


This particular photograph is very moving for me as it characterizes Iain’s personality so much. Another family with small children arrived to the Kidzone (we had previously had the space to ourselves) and Iain was studying them carefully.


He always thinks before he acts unlike Aidan as you can probably tell from his picture above. Aidan jumps first and lives with the repercussions later.


Despite my reservations about his skin reacting to long term wear of face paint, Iain loved being a tiger so much that I let him wear his painted face to bed. Luckily, the only thing harmed was his pillow…:)!


Anonymous said...

We are on a mission this morning for face paint. My sister has a book of faces and 20 year old paint. Thought new paint was in order.

marit said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

It is also very interesting to see how older kids react to smaller kids/babies! I have four, age 13 to 18, and they have a habit of looking at the tiny one and smile- and then just let the tiny one tag along. If the tiny one wants more action- like being thrown into the air, or tickled- they are happy to oblige, but mostly on the tiny one's premises. Fascinating.