Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

I have been getting frustrated with my lack of knitting/completing anything fibre related. This frustration has been intensified by the fact that I have chosen to be at home right now so that I can really enjoy these precious and fleeting moments as my little boy grows each minute. Then I experience the guilt of realising that I am occasionally wishing his time away so that I can knit (e.g. plllleeease have a nap! You’re tired! Really, you are!). It's terrible! Therefore, I am taking a long hard look at all of my projects and have come to two conclusions.

The first is that I really need to commit to finishing some projects. The number of them and the look of them, laying unfinished around our house, is stressing me out. The second is to cast on (yes, I know, this flies in the face of decision number one. I never claimed to be logical!) for some quick and easy knitting projects that will give me faster FOs than, say, a sweater for a twelve month old that took me almost ten months to complete. I am feeling the requirement for a significant increase in knitting mojo, pronto. If you have any suggestions for lovely and gift-worthy quick and easy projects, I’m the gal to be speaking to.

I have managed to knit a few rows recently – yeah!

Thanks to the wonder that is Ravelry, I found this lovely (and free!) scarf pattern to work on. Although it is going to be a pressie, I am fairly certain the recipient rarely, if ever, reads this blog so I think I’m safe posting about it. It’s rather a complicated cable for me, considering I’ve only ever attempted one cable pattern in the past. However, I think this pattern is gorgeous so I’m giving it a whirl. I’m using Alpaca Peru’s 100% alpaca in colour 403, which I would call a charcoal. Gorgeous. A little hard on the eyes with the darker colour but I’m managing. It’s hard enough that this isn’t an ‘settle into your butt groove and knit (see Suzanne’s blog for information on that!) in front of the television kind of project'. No, for me at least, it’s more of a ‘sit at the dining room table with several sheets of scrap paper and meticulously write down every completed row (there are 16 rows for a pattern repeat)’ kind of project. Luckily, it’s only a scarf and I’m really enjoying it.

The Bad

Elizabeth and Jen have been wondering how my running has been going. It’s time to fess up. Before my family and I left to go on holidays, I packed up all of my running stuff to take with us. The first part of the trip was all about driving and surviving the ferry ride. Once we arrived in Gander Bay, the lead up to the reunion was very busy. The days following were busy. Then, there was a wedding and I took another rug hooking course from my cousin’s fiancĂ©e. I really wanted to get out for a run several times but with visiting and driving and Iain, running just didn’t happen. It wasn’t until I got home and went into the front porch that I realised I’d forgotten one very important running item and would not have been able to run even if I’d found the time. I left my running shoes at home. Again.

In 1998, I trained for a half marathon. I say ‘trained’ because I was not able to even start the race as a couple of days before it I strained my left hip so badly that I was told to stay off it for 6 weeks and then spent the next two years strengthening it by trying other sports such as step aerobics and cycling. It wasn’t until our return to Canada in 2002 that I took up running again. One thing I’ve learned from unsuccessfully completing a half marathon and from successfully completing one is that the most important thing you can do to train is to put in the miles. I missed a month of putting in the miles and I do not have enough time between now and October 12th to catch up. Therefore my friends, I’m not going to make that big goal I decided to announce to the world of completing a half-marathon on October 12. Boo me.

Instead, I’m going to look for and train for a 10 km race. I’m going to do what DH has been hounding me to do all along (don’t tell him I’m listening to him for a change, will you?!?) and try to run a faster 10 km than I usually do. I have already trained enough to run a 10 K today so it’s time to do some speed work. I still hope to run a half marathon but it will be postponed.

To allow a small silver lining in the cloud of not completing this goal, this decrease in training at this point in my life allows me to cycle on an upcoming cycling holiday in PEI (previously I figured I would only be driving Iain in the support vehicle and running when the others weren’t cycling) not to mention try out some Pilates and yoga which I have not had the chance to do in a couple of years. So, there is some good in my change of plans.

So sorry to let you down, Elizabeth and Jen.

And, The Ugly

My feet seem to have grown a wee bit since I was running a lot, likely due to pregnancy. I hadn’t noticed until I started to do some longer runs. Now, I have one black toe nail. Ew!

DH is away this week – he left us this morning. He is back again on Friday so we think we will survive. Here is Iain looking particularly charming and pleased with himself as he is slowly mastering feeding himself.


Lydee said...

good luck with your 10k training, which is a good goal in and of itself. You're a busy mommy, so no worries!

JustApril said...

Go you! 10K is pretty good, for a new mom, especially. Doing anything other that mom stuff is good for a new mom, actually. I shouldn't say "NEW" as if it gets suddenly a bunch easier when you've been a mom for a year or three, lol. "ME" time is really important to sanity, though, so it's good you are starting early on that.

I like that cable pattern, it looks like one I did a few years ago, a little different perhaps, but I'll have to look at it again. Use a lifeline, though, ripping back without one is enough to make you cry.

Great pic of Iain! He's SO sweet.

Jen Taylor said...

I haven't been running in about a month, myself! With moving and other such things, I got out of the habit. I'm thinking a 10km is what I'll train to for this fall, as well.

Jen Taylor said...

More to say:

That scarf looks great! The color is complimentary to the cables. But I can see how it is difficult both on the eyes and skill! Those are some intense cables!

Further, I have a cowl called Cap'n Crunch queued on Ravelry that look like quick-hitters. Perhaps a few of those? Cowls, in general, are my favorite fast project esp. since a lot of them are quite simple in construction and pattern so I can zone out in front of a movie with one.

If I think of any other quick projects I'll be sure to let you know.

Oh, and I went running today. First time in ages! Yay me! Let's train to a 10km and think of a half-marathon next fall. I think that's best for both of us. Now here's hoping we don't get insanely busy between now and then! :)