Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Supply and Demand

Ever since he became mobile (at 7 months old or so), Iain has been helping me with the laundry. We have a front load washing machine and it is the perfect height for him to reach in and grab wet laundry. He then proceeds to ‘hand’ them to me – 90% of the time I catch whatever it was he was holding before it hits the floor.

He is also very helpful with the laundry baskets. He is quite indiscriminate about what he hauls out of the baskets - clean or dirty - he doesn’t seem to care. He does have an affinity for one item in particular: dishcloths. Hand knit dishcloths to be specific. I took a couple of random shots over the course of the day to show you what I mean. So interested is he in dishcloths that, when Mudder and Fadder visited in June, Mudder commented that I simply must be cleaning too much because Iain was so preoccupied with ‘scrubbing’ everything down with his very own dishcloth! Mind you, after being here for two weeks, I’m pretty sure she changed her mind about the fact that I might be cleaning too much.

I used to have a plethora of hand knit dishcloths. The grandmother of one of my BF’s (BF = Best Friend) used to knit them for her. BF doesn’t like them (yes, I know but wait. This works out for me in the end) and offered a thousand or so to me. Naturally I said ‘yes’ and got the lot. It’s taken years to wear them out and I use them All. The. Time. However, even hand knit dishcloths must have an end date and most of mine have already met theirs.

Sometimes, knitting is not just about the sumptuous yarn, the gorgeous pattern, the recipient of a special gift. Sometimes knitting is all about supply and demand. In this house, the demand is certainly there. Now I need to increase my supply so that both Iain and I can have dishcloths of our very own.

Note: Don't ask about the wires above Iain's head. They are there, they shouldn't be, none of them are 'live'. 'Nuff said.


Elizabeth said...

"Don't ask about the wires" - Oh Patty, you are a mom after my own heart! I love those moments of 'blog photo' meets 'real life parenting'. Ha ha ha. And look, Iain has even been trained to duck down below them and proceed commando style anyways (hee hee).

I've been thinking about making washcloths for ages - ever since I saw some lovely patterns with bamboo (I know, a patter for a washcloth - really?). And recently I found lots of knit Swiffer covers popping up on Ravelry! Good projects for those 'between projects' times. Oh wait, that would require me to finish a project wouldn't it? : )

Alisha said...

Your little fella is growing so quick. I love him and his dish cloths!