Monday, August 25, 2008

Problems With Fibre

First of all let us all wish a big, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUDDER!


I have to admit to some false advertising here at Chez Fibreholic. Not intentional, I assure you, but poorly planned nonetheless. Remember that Nova Scotia mohair I offered up as a prize? Well, let me tell you a story. A farmer’s market (a first for Middleton apparently) started up here earlier in the summer and, every Friday afternoon that we’ve been in town, we have attended. We have also, every Friday, admired the mohair at one of the local farmer’s booths.

When Iain and I dropped by the market two weeks ago, the mohair table wasn’t there. No biggie. Some vendors are unable to make each and every market afternoon so I wasn’t concerned. This past week, it was the same thing. That’s when I started to get anxious. This past Friday, it was the same. By now, I’m hyperventilating. After all, I need mohair for a prize! I promised! In a panic, I spoke to a lady who is often sitting with the mohair folks. She said that the mohair family are back visiting England. They have been away for two weeks already. Likely, they will be for at least another two weeks. Be still my palpitating heart.

So, here is yet another confession from me. Fibreholic isn’t able to come up with the mohair goods. I hope the following will suffice…..(head hung in shame):
As to who will receive which box of goodies well, I have to leave something a surprise!

Next, allow me to introduce you to another problem with respect to fibre. Gorgeous, no?

Yep, I think it is pretty spectacular too. It’s a worsted weight (as least I believe 20 sts = 4” translates into worsted weight yarn) Fleece Artist hand dyed special. It is comprised of 450 metres (490ish yards) of 60% Donegal lambswool and 40% silk. Although I simply love the colourway and the yarn itself, I am completely stumped as to what to do with it. It has been sitting in my stash for years. It managed to survive my pregnancy purge (although another skein just like it (different colourway) did not) when even as little as a whiff of wool sent me running to the nearest bathroom. I really like it but, what should I do with it?

I found the Yogini Bolero pattern over at Knit and Tonic that I really like and thought might work. However, I have realised that the yarn the pattern calls for is a ‘light worsted’ yarn and I’m not sure my problem skein fits that category. My first favour of this post (if you completely disregard the fact that I messed up my contest prizes and my first favour could be construed as begging forgiveness…): what do you think about using my yarn for the Yogini Bolero? Is my yarn too heavy to work? The gauge and needle size for both the pattern and the yarn in question is exactly the same, by the way.

My second favour: if the pattern I found doesn’t work out, do you have any other pattern suggestions? I was thinking of a bolero or a shrug or something of that nature. I have checked Ravelry but, well, I guess I can admit this too - I got tired of looking.

I’m going to go and knit up a swatch for something else while I wait for a lightening bolt wonderful idea to hit me from the blogosphere. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


dot said...

If gauge and needle size match up. Go for it. It is a cute pattern and should look good in that yarn.

Elizabeth said...

Such pretty yarn Patty - you tease. And I love that Bolero pattern (if only I had a Bolero sort of build...hmmm).

In my not-so-expert-but-it's-been-working-so-far opinion, if the gauge is the same then you should be good to give 'er. HOWEVER, you didn't mention what needles size they recommended to get the 20st gauge (using your yarn). You might want to check and then just play around a little if you need to adjust to get the matching swatch for Yogini. Good thing you're a swatcher (making you a far far more patient girl then I sometimes I am).

leah said...

I'd say go for it. Make a swatch (I don't always, but in this case it might be worth it)

Jersey said...

First, as one of the prize winners, I can say, don't worry about it - after all, it's your contest and you shouldn't be feeling guilty about sending pretty yarn to someone.

As for the Fleece Artist - I've knit that yarn in all sorts of weights. I'm currently knitting it striped with some sock yarn (don't ask what I'm making since I haven't worked out the details yet) but the point is that by using the right size needles you should be able to match the required guage and it would look gorgeous as a bolero. Go for it!

JustApril said...

Gorgeous stuff! I love the Fleece Artist fibre, dreamy. I'm sure whomever the winners turn out to be, they'll love the goodies all the same =)