Thursday, August 21, 2008

It’s My Second Blogiversary!

Happy blogiversary to me!
Happy blogiversary to me!
Happy blogiversary, dear Fibreholic,
Happy blogiversary to me!

Yep, today is the day. And you all still have until midnight to enter my contest. Iain and I will draw names for the prizes (there are still two but there have been booty increases…) sometime tomorrow. There may be a slight delay in me posting the winner’s names as Iain has a pretty busy social schedule for a 13.5 month old. All of his friends turn one within eight weeks of each other. Therefore, we will be preparing to attend and then attending a party until sometime tomorrow afternoon.

I cannot wait to post the winning names. Stay tuned and, thanks very much for participating in the contest. It’s been great fun so far!


Turtle said...

happy blogiversary to you!!

leah said...

I'm singing to you too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! Have fun at all the parties :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Blogiversary Patty! So glad you're here to share in blogland.

However, what the heck has been going on here! I leave town for 6 days (quite remarkably - that's the longest we've gone in 4 years let alone with both kids) and come back to find you blogging EVERY DAY since I left. You are on a major roll lady. Good on ya (and what a treat for me cuz now I've got lots of fibreholic to catch up on - so don't be surprised as my comments spew in completely out of order...starting now).

How bad is it that I've been back two hours and have already hit the blogs before even setting eyes on my washing machine. Ahhhhh...feels good.