Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I took this picture of Tobi and Checkers yesterday. Although they are not best friends, they are tolerating each other. This is the closest I’ve ever seen them together, on their own. Luckily, in her time ‘on the streets’ (as I have no information about what happened to Checkers before her adoption, I can only assume she was ‘on the street’ for at least a few hours!), Checkers did not learn how to scrap like an outdoor cat. Actually, with the way she fights with Tobi, I’m thinking it’s a good thing she was picked up by the Humane Society as there is no way she could protect herself considering how she fights: lots of pawing and no bared claws. I was worried she would beat on Tobi, who is eleven years her senior, so Checkers' inability to fight like a tom cat is wonderful, though likely embarrassing to the species.

To my and DH’s surprise, Tobi has become the dominant cat. That isn’t to say that Checkers doesn’t chase Tobi around the house on a regular basis. However, when Tobi’s had enough, Checkers is backing off and/or running away. Usually, Tobi doesn’t even raise a paw – it’s all in the facial expression. And, I must say, it’s a pretty ferocious face when she makes it! We never knew she had it in her and are both pleased that A) although not best friends, they do seem to keep each other company and B) no blood has been shed.

By the way, Tobi is having a bath in this picture. Maintenance is very important to this cat.

I thought it was time for a cat update seeing as other things seem to have taken priority in my blog posts these days! Now, if I could only get the time to recast on that cat bed project from aeons ago, I'm sure I'd find out that they would really enjoy it.

I'm off to take a beading class at The Sassy Bead Co. with some friends today. It's a three hour beading course and, apparently, we're working on five projects in those three hours. I really want to make myself some of those really nice stitch markers that I keep seeing online so this should give me the basic information I need to do so. I think I'm ready for an afternoon out. In other words, my food is packed. Now, if it would just warm up a wee bit for me to walk Para. I'm a wimp. I guess my blood thinned due to the gorgeous weekend we just had. It's -26 this morning with a -41 wind chill (I just confirmed those temperatures with Environment Canada so I'm not even exaggerating!). That's a bit nippy for even Border Collies who love walkies!


Renee said...

Have fun at beading class!

Your cats are cute. We have a similar dynamic going on in our house. They are good company for one another but aren't all lovey dovey about it. When they fight I have to sweep up a whole cat's worth of hair but there's never any blood.

Samantha said...

Your cats are adorable and sound like a lot of fun to watch. Have fun at beading class. :)