Thursday, March 22, 2007


I’m one slow knitter. Look at this! It’s a 3 month old sized sweater and it’s still not done (nothing to do with the other 99 WIPs around this house but, I digress). I started it immediately after finishing the matching hat but wasn’t pleased with how my increases looked. It turns out that I should have been using a cable increase so I learned how to do that on Tuesday, up at my LYS (thanks, Louise!). Here it is with the increases very visible.

The sweater is knit in one piece so I am now working on the sleeves, in anticipation of soon being able to shape the neck. Although you can’t see it from the original pattern picture I posted ages ago, this sweater even has pockets! I had decided not to put them in but, on second though, how cute is a sweater with pockets for an infant??? Very cute, I think! Besides, as this is a very plain sweater, I think the pockets will add a bit of interest.

It’s been an ‘at home’ couple of days. Embarrassingly, I didn’t leave the house yesterday. Why? Because I had NO pants to wear outside! Therefore, I sat in the basement most of the day alternating between knitting, hanging laundry, putting laundry in the dryer, washing or folding laundry. Sitting in my PJ bottoms and one of DH’s T-shirts, I might add. The laundry is almost done now - I’d let it go a bit long, apparently. It only got really embarrassing when DH called yesterday afternoon and asked if "I had my clothes on yet." I could hear one of his co-workers in the background going "la, la, la, la’’ and could picture him covering his ears so he didn’t hear too much more of that conversation!

And here is a picture of our friend’s dog, Maggie. Maggie arrived this morning. She will be here for a few days while her family is gallivanting in the US (Boston area). So far, she has already managed to play in the back yard with Para, eat some snow (what’s left of it), have a couple of short naps on her bed and wander and sniff excessively. Maggie doesn’t have cats at her house so this house sure smells interesting. Checkers was just down checking Maggie out but they generally seem to be ignoring each other with no ill effects. Maggie really tries to make friends with the cats and, historically, has approached Checkers (Tobi is too much of a timid cat for this) with her tail just a-wagging. She doesn’t understand that cats don’t respect tail wagging as a form of introduction!

As you can see from the patterned legs in this picture, I haven’t graduated to real clothes yet today either…

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Renee said...

Cute dog.

If it makes you feel better. I'm still in my jammies today too. I've had a rough couple of days around here with Claire and I can't seem to find the oomph to get myself dressed.

In happier news, I mailed a package for you on Monday night. You should be seeing it any day now.