Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Must. Have. Something. Creative. To. Post…Must. Work. Harder.

I’d forgotten how motivating having a blog is. I’m constantly amazed by all of the parents with small children (e.g. Renee, Samantha and Elizabeth and…) who seem to regularly post about their FOs (Finished Objects). I’d give my eye teeth for a FO and my only child (apart from the three, four legged ones) is still incubating so I can't even use that as an excuse!

By the end of yesterday, I’d hoped to have two FOs to post. Actually, I have 5 but one of my projects (which I can’t completely post about because they are for Mother’s Day and I don’t want the recipients to get a preview! However, the following are 'teasers' of the projects in progress so you’ll know I’m not just joshin’ you) is the same project, only I made it 4 times so I’m thinking that that only counts as one project.

Despite doing the following yesterday:
  • Going through and chucking more paper and assorted junk from our basement move in (the entire process could take months),
  • Having a lovely meal out with a friend,
  • Going on the first spring hike of 2007 with DH and Para the Border Collie (that mention should get me extra bonus points…see March 12, 2007 post) and
  • Vacuuming the basement (we have someone coming in tomorrow to measure for new carpet on the stairs and in the living room and new vinyl flooring for the main floor and the hair balls around this place scare even me, and I’m used pretty tough with hair balls!).

Despite all of that, I was STILL sitting at my craft table last night, hard at work, trying to get another FO to post for those lovely blog fans out there who keep me going! You people are great – I very much need motivation to get any project to become a FO. I’m a little lacking in the whole follow through of a project, I must admit. I love to receive blog comments and, I know, it’s hard to get comments if you don’t produce the occasional FO.

It is unfortunate that I wanted the varnish on the following project to cure overnight (probably an unnecessary precaution for water based varnish that is quick drying but, as I’m butting antique fabric against the frame, I didn’t want to take any chances), or I would have posted this last night. Voilà! May I present a FO that even meets my fibre related standards!


Renee said...

I'm quite intrigued by the sewing in the top photo. Can't wait to see what they are going to be.

I don't have that many FOs floating around, do I?

Elizabeth said...

That came out GREAT!