Monday, March 12, 2007


Well, apart from my very excited post Friday night, I didn’t get much knitting done over the weekend. I did manage to play with friends and have a great weekend with DH and the pets though!

I’m in trouble. Para has caught up on her blog reading and made it known that there have been NO Border Collie pictures posted recently. Then she started comparing the number of cat pictures posted to dog pictures posted…yep. Things got a little ugly. Here is an accusatory Border Collie.

Yes, I went shamefully into the TV room and played a game of tug with her after this. One can only hold off Border Collie charms for so long.

Here is a glimpse of what I’ve been working on recently.

I purchased the quilt block several years ago when I was antique shopping with my in-laws on a visit to BC. The block is completely hand sewn in a complicated pattern that I wouldn’t try. It’s interesting because it is completely finished on the back as if it was specifically made for framing.

Here is the frame for framing the quilt block. I won't tell you how long this has been sitting in a Michael's bag waiting for a piece of action...

And here is the freshly stained frame with coat one of varnish on it.

Stay tuned!


Renee said...

That is one complicated quilt block. Wow! It'll be great in a frame. Can't wait to see.

Elizabeth said...

We'll allow you no knitting content just this once ;) Glad the dog got some love, they need that! Hope you are feeling well!!

Mrs. H said...

What a beautiful dog! How old is she? Is she a working dog or pet?
Sorry for the goofy questions, but I love Border Collies!