Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Passionate About Pumpkins!

I should have just started off the blogging month with a blanket title declaring the month of October pumpkin month. Yep, I’m going to talk more about them.

Last Monday, after sitting back and licking our wounds a bit from our red eye return into Halifax that Saturday morning, I decided that Iain really, really needed some ‘other children’ time and managed to get our arses in gear and brought him pumpkin picking. The Annapolis Country Family Resource Centre is excellent and this was one of the planned outings for one of the child programs we attend during the course of a regular week.

Although we had already harvested pumpkins in our back yard, really, can you ever harvest too many?

Here is Iain searching for the perfect pumpkin with the larger group in the background.

There is nothing cuter than toddlers searching for the perfect Jack O’Lantern. As you can imagine, it was photo op central for more than just this Mommy.

It is really too bad I can’t knit right now. Iain is desperate for a light pair of mittens (we have one pair for him and they are a heavy sheepskin pair perfect for cold, cold winter days and not bracing Fall ones).

His wee hands got pretty cold on Monday. And Tuesday…

My hands? Healing, albeit slowly. Typing still hurts (thus the decrease in blog posts and lack of lurking or commenting on most blogs or Ravelry). I promise I will be back soon!

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