Friday, October 17, 2008

A Knitted Hat

Hurrah! Knitting content on this blog! Too bad it’s not mine…

One of the lovely presents we received when we were expecting Iain last year (was that only last year?) was a gorgeous hand spun, hand dyed, and hand knit Blueberry Hat from a very close friend of ours (who also happens to be the same wonderful lady who was such a fantastic support to DH’s family when my MIL passed away. We cannot thank you enough, D). I blogged about that lovely present here at the time.

When I received this wonderful gift, I remember thinking ‘Wow! It’s so big. My baby isn’t going to fit into this present for years.’ Ah, the cockiness of pending motherhood. That is a small indication of just how little I know and how very, very much D knows.

This is Iain modelling his hat exactly a week ago today.

DH turned the brim up because he thought it made Iain look something like Relic (non-Canadians may not get this...). That’s something we aspire to around here, you know? A child that looks like Relic (he's the guy in the middle. Not a great shot of his hat but you get the idea)... Incidentally, D knits and lives in Gibsons Landing so there is a bit of a Beachcombers theme to this particular knit.

I tried and tried to get a smiley picture to no avail. This is a great shot of the bruise on Iain's right cheek (caused by a collision with a chair leg) and his split lip (caused by falling down one step, onto his face on the concrete walkway below). Poor kid had a bad week.

“Playing in your sandbox is very serious business, Mom.”


Renee said...

Split or not...the kid has gorgeous lips.

That's a very cute hat. I soon have to resign myself to making hats for my girls as it is getting cold and our winter hat selection is paltry.

Lydee said...

he is such a beautiful baby! Love the hat!