Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

It was my birthday on Monday. I certainly got spoiled and also had the opportunity to do some things I had never done on my birthday before. Here are some highlights:

  • Not being able to overcome the 11:15 AM munchies, there is a rumour that I was seen cutting off a piece of the previously uncut birthday cake. Seriously, I could not help myself and can you blame me? DH made a lovely Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake for my birthday cake. The siren call from the fridge was stronger than I was able to withstand at that hour of the morning. Or any other time of the day since…
  • Something new for me was spending two hours at outpatients at our local hospital waiting to confirm that Iain had the chicken pox only to find out that he has a strep ear infection (never heard of such a thing) and the rash he has was caused by that! He is now on 5 ml of antibiotics three times a day. Fun times.
  • I was lucky to receive a gorgeous bouquet of roses compliments of DH and Iain – what great taste they have!

  • After our visit to the hospital, Iain and I managed to run a couple of errands (via stroller) into town. On our way home, we found Barbara wandering around our neck of Middleton killing some time while her children were involved in a program. I invited her over for some cheesecake and a chat. The house was a mess (hopefully she didn’t mind – I had no cleaning time what with the hospital visit and all!) but we managed to have a great snack and a great chat. Iain was certainly under the weather but Barbara still managed to get him to ham it up for the camera. She told me that she will be posting a picture of us here soon. Too bad we weren’t knitting..!
  • I put my first Christmas parcel in the mail (one of six). Don’t hate me. The likelihood of the last parcel going out on December 24th is extremely high. I’ve done it before. No, I’m not proud.
  • I received so many celebratory birthday telephone calls that I actually missed some people before toddling off to bed! What a nice complaint!

    And, since then what I have been doing? Did I mention that Iain has an ear infection?!? And DH is in Halifax for the week? Whew!


Jen Taylor said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had an adventure filled day :)

Elizabeth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Patty - Cheesecake makes any day perfect and if you can't cut the first AM slice on your special day then when can you!

What awful news for little man (and yeah - why do the fates send these things when the other half is away!). I hope he is feeling better soon.

Totally unrelated, but you look different in every picture I see of you (lovely in them all OF COURSE). I think it must be a blog-world thing.

Renee said...

Happy belated birthday! I hope Iain starts feeling better soon.