Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Snow Day and A Knitting Angel

Some things are just more fun when you have a child to share them with.

Here is a shot from this morning that captures a little of Iain’s excitement when he realised the world outside had turned white overnight!

When Iain and I were bringing the car for it’s annual Motor Vehicle Inspection (yep, we do that every year here in Nova Scotia. That’s one year more often than any other place we’ve ever lived. Yep, we’re late doing it and still wouldn’t have it done if some stranger wasn’t admiring our van in the parking lot of a store and happened to notice our inspection sticker was expired), a Knitting Angel visited our door.

There used to be six in this jelly roll of dishcloths parcel. By the time I got this shot, one had already been taken for other pursuits.

What a sweetie Barbara is! When she was over on Monday, I mentioned in passing that I needed more dishcloths (I posted about that here awhile back too. Nope, still haven't been able to knit any). Turns out, she’s a really good listener.

Thanks again, Barbara, for the very sweet and MUCH appreciated knitted gifts! Hopefully we will be home next time to greet you in person!


Jen Taylor said...

That is so amazing!! Barbara is the best.

Enjoy the snow while you can. The unfortunate thing about snow is that it becomes unbearable all too soon, as you well know.

JustApril said...

I love it when the kiddos really notice new stuff - so fun.

And what a sweet gift =)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You are most welcome.