Wednesday, September 03, 2008

End of August SEX

Yep, that title should get me a few extra hits on Google. It’s probably a good thing I moderate my comments...

This past Friday, Iain and I had some errands to do in New Minas. Naturally, we included a trip to my LYS (Gaspereau Valley Fibres) for some SEX (see this post for a description of what SEX means on a knitting blog. I’ll wait. Back yet?). Each time I visit the shop, I mean to take pictures of the interior to show you all. This time was no exception but, unfortunately, Iain has finally hit the age where sitting in his stroller in a knitting store just isn’t good enough and letting him run loose is a little more than my pocketbook can handle. Therefore, I had to try and be quick (and if that isn’t frustrating in a knitting shop, I don’t know what is).
One really, really nice thing about my LYS is that it is on a farm complete with chickens, sheep (of course!), and a llama.

Iain really enjoyed the animals. He was particularly taken with the chickens. They seemed to be just as interested in the little human as he was in them.

As for the stash, well, I mentioned that it was a little difficult to shop with Iain. Therefore, I ‘only’ bought six balls of ‘old faithful’ (Mission Falls wool), which I love and in pretty spiffy colours if I do say so myself. I'll show you a picture tomorrow (I have to save something interesting for the rest of this week!). I also walked away with a skein of Blue Sky Alpaca’s organic cotton (the same yarn as called for in the pattern for my Nursing Sweater) to make a couple of things for a friend’s new baby due at the end of the month.


Samantha said...

I really did read your whole post ... honestly I did. The cute and absolutely adorable pictures of your little man have made me forget everything except SEX and chickens ... and I'm pretty sure those two things have nothing to do with one another. LOL

Alisha said...

I love the last photo. That is one to be framed for sure!

The market bags are quick. If I really make a huge effort I can do one in a week.

I used just the cotton yarn that you use for the dishcloths. About 3 balls does one bag. Very cheap to make really even with a fourth ball of yarn, depending how big you wanted it it would cost under $10.

Lydee said...

cute pics! very sweet!

JustApril said...

What great pictures! I love to look at tiny little people walking around farms. (no really, I really do.. I have one memory of my daughter, no bigger than Iain in this post, running off through a pasture, no fear at all)

Also, that shot of the chickens is really cool. I think I'd frame it and put in on my wall - even though I usually have a strict aversion to farm animal photos on walls, that one is really neat.