Friday, September 05, 2008

Project Tart

I am such a project tart. There. I’ve said it. Now you know. I’m fairly certain you won’t hold it against me though, considering there are probably a few of you just like me out there. Likely, one or two of you are even reading this post right now.

I’ve been hit with some major startitis. I can point my finger in the two directions that have contributed to this problem. The first, Christmas is around the proverbial knitter’s corner so I’ve got to/have started casting on or started shopping for some projects in that vein. Secondly, knitting swatches for the Yogini Bolero is kicking my butt. I am on swatch five, people. Yes! You read that right. Swatch FIVE! And still no closer to getting gauge than when I started. This fact alone has me turning my adulterous eye in different directions. Really, five swatches? That’s enough to make even the most fearless knitter cringe.

However, my eye is not turning too far from my new favourite designer, Wendy Bernard. No Sir! Next on my list of Wendy’s patterns to knit is Marilyn’s Not So Shrunken Cardigan. Have I mentioned that I love it? Have I mentioned that I hope it will make me look young and hip (I’m ignoring the little voice that says ‘Patty, no sweater can do that. That requires plastic surgery and an attitude change.’)? This sweater is one sweet little number and, I think, will get worn and worn.

When we went to Australia (can you believe, two years ago in November? Time flies!), I picked me up some yarn. Likely I never told you about it. Sorry about that. Anyhoo, I did. I picked up enough Cleckheaton Country Silk 8 ply, 85% Pure Wool, 15% Silk blend in a gorgeous khaki green to knit a sweater (Hmm. The colour I have isn't on the Cleckheaton website anymore. This is slightly worrying.) And, get this, the label even says ‘Made in Australia’. Squeee! I decided awhile ago that I’m not picking up tacky tourist stuff when I travel. When I go to exotic locations (such as the other side of the world), I’m picking up quality tourist stuff. That’s where this yarn comes in. Quality and the label verifies that I was a tourist.

I need something mindless (and that cable scarf sure isn’t it…) for those times when I find myself sitting in front of my Apple TV watching Season 1 of Stargate (I’m addicted and very behind the TV times. And, I'm comfortable with that.). The Marilyn should have include a fair share of mindless stocking stitch which is perfect ‘in front of the television’ knitting for me. I do believe I’m off to, you guessed it, s. w. a. t. c. h. for another project. One that is not on my Christmas ‘to give’ list. Yep, project tart. That is so me right now.


Elizabeth said...


No, really Patty. That would drive any knitter to 'fooling around' with a new pattern. : ) Love love love the Marilyn.

JustApril said...

mmmm Richard Dean Anderson YEAH!

But what the heck with the swatches? It's totally Nightmare on Swatch Street over there. (I probably just programmed myself for strange dreams again tonight - I was making out with Sting last night) ?