Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fetching Fever

It is so nice to be able to print out a lovely pattern,

To find such a tantalising selection of yarns from your LYS,

To start knitting said project from your most recent SEX,

And to have it work out so well.

This is what I was knitting up over the Labour Day weekend. Always a couple of years behind the trends, I too have succumbed to Fetching fever.

This is a good thing because, the thing is, here is my current state of mind. On Tuesday when DH came home, I was a little stressed. He gave me a nice long break by taking Iain pretty much from the time he got home, including putting Iain to bed. He says,

“Are you mad at me?” and I replied,

“No, I’m frustrated but not at you. I just don’t feel like I accomplished anything today.”

This said the day after our long weekend camping trip, when: I’d washing and line dried four loads of laundry; folded all that laundry and put it in a basket to be put upstairs and put away; made supper from scratch; walked into town to go to the bank, post office, and grocery store; called and made a vet appointment for Para; had a short play date with a friend and her little boy; gotten recommendations for a local optometrist and seamstress from a neighbour; and called our oil provider to update our billing information. Not to mention time and effort involved in caring for a 14 month (today!) old. Yet, I still ended the day feeling like I hadn’t accomplished anything. I think, perhaps, my standards are a little high.


JustApril said...

Ummmm yeah, I'm thinking you did PLENTY that day. Me thinks you were overtired perhaps.

JustApril said...

Oh yeah, gorgeous stuff! Fetching looks grand, too =)