Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Day a Week for UFOs

I finally decided to become a joiner. I have never joined a KAL (knit-a-long) because I do not feel I can commit to knitting a particular project within a certain amount of time (I realise that that is not the point for all KALs but that’s my excuse). However, when I saw the ‘One Day a Week for UFOs’ group on Ravelry I thought, ‘Now, there’s a good idea for me’.

I posted about the contents of my knitting bag yesterday and, from some of the comments I received, I feel I should come clean. I was only telling you about the WIPs in my knitting bag. This does not include the, say, forty or so WIPs scattered around my house. I was not comfortable with you thinking I am controlled and stick to three projects at a time. No, that’s not me. There’s something about the adrenalin rush of startitis that blows the adrenalin rush of finishing a project right out of the window. I hope to mend my ways and follow in the footsteps of those I am not worthy of blogging next to, like Suzanne and Elizabeth. Hopefully their monogamous ways will rub off on me. Until then, I need a group like the ‘One Day a Week’ers’.

I spent the past two weeks since joining the group trying to decide what day of the week to commit to (yes, don’t jump into things too quickly there, Patty!). I thought Wednesday would be best originally. You know, Wednesday, ‘hump’ day, the day when there’s not usually a lot going on around Chez Fibreholic… Boy was I wrong. Turns out, Thursday is the better day for me. I am usually recovering from whatever went down on Wednesday and sticking close to home on Thursday.

Thanks to the group, I set up last night (aka fixed a mistake in the cabled cuff portion of my second Fetching glove) and managed to get some knitting accomplished today. Yeah peer pressure! I am now five rows away from binding off the fingers. Not bad considering most of the glove was knit while standing and watching Iain throwing the ball for Para and/or playing in his sandbox (Note to Self: If you actually pulled yourself together and gardened for ten minutes, those ten minutes of pruning might just allow you to sit and knit because you could actually see the part of the backyard that Para and Iain like to play in). No, no progress piccies. DH had the camera today so I cannot show you any progress shots to verify.

We did, however, have a visitor arrive at our screen yesterday morning that will provide the visual stimulation you’ve likely come to expect in my posts. DH, Iain and I got to watch her/him groom him/herself just before dawn (just like a cat!) and then fall asleep on our kitchen window screen for the day.

I dearly love bats, which is not to be confused with me liking vampires. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been terrified of vampire stories. Small bats, on the other hand, I think are quite neat and useful. However, like most things, I do not really like the species if they grow on the large side. We saw some frighteningly large bats when we were visiting Animal Kingdom several years ago. Bats and spiders should remain small, I say, to maintain my equilibrium with the world. As a frame of reference, our wee bat was only about 2.5 inches long. Yes, I know, there are those of you out there shuddering right now. It's only a picture on the Internet! Besides, s/he was the perfect guest. S/he hung there all day with nary a bit of movement which was quite nice as s/he was also hung right next to the door we use all day long.
And, for all of you remembering that day so few years ago, my thoughts are with you on this September 11, 2008.


Samantha said...

You're funny. I appreciate your honesty.

We had a bat in our garage a few weeks ago, so we opened the door and let him out. Then he latched onto my house and slept the day away. :) Funny guy. Now my sister she gets bats IN her house. Not so much fun.

Elizabeth said...

That's right Patty - come clean . Confession is good for the soul (hee hee).

And I just split a gut laughing at you trying to commit to a night that you can commit to finishing up WIPs. Commitment issues? Oh look Patty, something shiny, over there!

I joke, I joke. Really, I think there is something fun about having multiple projects on the go (theoretically) because a) you can knit what inspires you at the moment and b) you have WAY more updates to blog about then I do. Just think, everyone's stuck hearing about my Aleita shell for months on end. But over at Patty's place, there's fetching and marilyns and bats and who knows what all she'll pull out of that bag.

Elizabeth said...

I love my bats! Although they are much smaller than yours. That is one big bat!

Lydee said...

neat! and she'll eat all the nasty bugs around your house.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I have to check in on you more often, apparently! That is freaky batty! Like wow!