Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gotta Keep Me A Lifeline

When April noticed the Celtic Cable scarf I was working on, she mentioned and then showed me how to install a lifeline. What a lifesaver! I had made a mistake about six rows up from my lifeline, tried to fix it, could not, and simply ripped back to the lifeline to start again (and learned that I need to install a lifeline halfway through my repeat as well as at the end of one or watch a lot of work get ripped out! ;O))!

Thanks so much, April (and good luck with your first week of school)!

This past Sunday, I managed to join two other knitters at a local cafĂ©. We’re considering a Sunday afternoon knit together to be a bit of a regular thing. Imagine my excitement and what a great time! Fibre was fondled, techniques and other knitting accessories discussed. One lady was using her brand new ball winder to wind, gasp, Malabrigo. She is right, it is like butter. It was my first time touching this fine, fine fibre. The other lady brought a pattern binder for us to pour over patterns. Sigh. It is so nice when you can get together with people who speak the same language.

One of the bits of information I passed on was the use of a lifeline which one of the ladies (like myself before April mentioned it to me) had never heard of before. I have to admit to not being the most confident knitter. Unlike others before me, I have never taught anyone to knit and I’m not sure that I could (but will certainly try when Iain gets a bit older). However, being able to pass on this little bit of knitting knowledge was a feel good situation for sure.

And, we can all use a few more feel good situations, can’t we?!?


JustApril said...

You're welcome! **beam** Yeah, half way through is definitely a good idea on a cable that involved. That cable was one of my very first cable projects and it pretty much had me tied in similar knots =) In fact if I hadn't done that cable, I probably wouldn't know about lifelines either, but they did save my life a couple times.

Yarnhog said...

Yeah, baby! I love the lifeline! I'm sure the person you passed it on to will appreciate it, too.

Lydee said...

sounds like a regular knit together would be a nice thing. hope that goes through for you!