Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air

Yes! I’ve been knitting! Yes! I’vc been seen at a couple of knitting get togethers at The Rooms! I have been getting to know my new knitting community and, I tell ya, it’s awesome.

Holy crap! Is anyone else with two or more children under five (or under twenty for that matter) finding it busy or is it just me? I have loads to share but little time to type. However, I had to write a quick post about something wonderful that happened in St. John’s in April.

A NEW LYS opened! It is called A Good Yarn (the perfect name here on so many levels as a ‘yarn’ here is to have a chat/tell a story as well as its fibre related associations) and is owned by Jenny (and her puppies Bessie and Franklin). It is gorgeous, has lovely, lovely, LOVELY, yarn (can you tell I’m excited?) and is my new favourite place to hang out. I don’t get to drop by often enough so I’m telling all of you so that you too can drop by. I will warn you though. Jenny is a yarn enabler of the worst kind. In the nicest possible way ;).

Here is the store’s Ravelry link as I cannot get the store’s webpage to open for some reason. I forgot my camera (again – argh) when I dropped by yesterday but if you check out Daniel’s post here, you will see a great collage of opening day. Naturally (for me), I was two weeks behind the ball knowing that A Good Yarn had opened. The moon was in the right position and the stars aligned the very next day after I found out (from the Blue Sky Alpacas website no less) for me to stop into the shop sans children though.

So, the next time you are in the area, stop in!

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