Monday, June 21, 2010

First Up!

I should get involved in these sport related KALs more often – look at the progress!?!

Here are one of my pairs of languishing socks (there were only two) now complete and were immediately placed on my feet while watching Stargate (Season 4. Yeah, a little behind) as the basement was so nice and cool (it is a bit humid here for me right now). They fit beautifully. I still need to practice using DPNs as ladders between the needles are still a problem for me. However, the ladders got better on the second pair and have encouraged me to try knitting with two circular needles or the Magic Loop method for my next pair.

Here are the sock specs:

• Toe Up sock pattern from Wiseneedles ‘ Simple Toe Up Socks in Four Sizes’ pattern. I really did not like the way the heels turned out but checked out comments on Ravelry and others were having the same problems with the same type of heel therefore I was convinced that I was not just doing something wrong.

When I find Wendy D. Johnson’s Socks From The Toe Up book from one of the basement boxes, I will be experimenting with other heel types. That being said, I loved the Figure 8 cast on once I figured it out. I also love, love, LOVE toe up socks! Way easier to ensure a good fit.
• Yarn: Online’s Supersocke 6-fach Relax-Color. I still have enough left for another pair of socks or close to it.
• Many thanks to April over at Clandestine and Candour who recommended the ‘Miraculous Elastic Bind Off’ link. Easy peasy and lives up to its name.

Off to try to knit a row or two on my other WIP before I slip into another cold induced coma. Luckily, it’s only stocking stitch and DH got back on Saturday…

PS My new LYS owner, Jenny, has just started a shop blog. She is new to blogging so, if you have a chance, let her know what a friendly bunch us online knitters are by dropping on over and saying ‘hello’. It goes without saying that you need to drop over in person if you are ever in the St. John’s, NL area!


Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli said...

I really like that cast on. When you were knitting with dpn's did you knit a stitch over at the end of each needle?

jennypenny73 said...

Thanks Patty! I'm really enjoying your blog too :) The socks look great! Next pair you do, stop in at the shop and I'll show you a little trick I use for avoiding ladders (with DPNs that is).