Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Basement Changes Part Three

The folks who install insulation (the pink fibreglass kind) were in this morning. It was the first time I have ever seen someone decked out on stilts for working. Is it amazing only to me that stilts are actually used for something other than kids to play on in the summer? Anyways, I asked the young feller if I could take his picture with his stilts on and he seemed quite flattered.

Here he is, full GQ pose and all!

Hysterical! And I love those stilts! Our builder said that the painter who is coming in has an even newer style of stilts. If he’s willing, I’m capturing him for posterity too. I wonder if stilts are expensive…? I’m sure I could find a use for them around here. Much more fun to get to the upper kitchen cabinets than using a plain old kitchen ladder…!

This evening, all of our new space is insulated, including the wall between the bathroom and one of the bedrooms to cut down on, ahem, noises. Even though the drywall is not up yet, the sound proofing already works really well as DH was trying to catch my attention when I was downstairs taking pictures and I could not hear him. Prior to now, if I was in that section of the basement (which is below the main floor bedrooms) I did not even need the baby monitor on as I could hear Aidan loud and clear if he woke up. The drywall team is due to start on Friday.

Lookin’ good!

Storage room and left bedroom:

Office space/hall/bowling alley with the craft room at end:

Right bedroom, bathroom and wine closet:

Another bathroom/wine closet view:

And another gratuitous craft room shot:


Renee said...

I love the stilt man. What a good sport. Craft room....droooool.

Lydee said...

that is going to be an awesome space! love the pic of the stilts!

marit said...

The basement will be awesome once it's done! Lots of work, but definitely worth it!

Stilts!!! I need a pair of those-LOL!

Anonymous said...

Clearly stilt man is a model in disguise. The Ty Pennington of Newfoundland maybe?