Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Milestones

I missed writing blog posts for quite awhile therefore you are not quite up to date on all the news at Chez Fibreholic. Here are a couple of updates.

Iain no longer wears diapers!

Aidan is a moving, shaking, WALKING machine and has been for over a month and a half!

Aidan's first teeth!

The top four are all in too!

My sweet boy showing off one of his camera induced fake smiles.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for diaper free!

Samantha said...

Score one for Iain!! Ethan went through a phase where he wanted to pee in the potty all the time. Then he decided diapers were easier. Ugh. Now he thinks the toilet is cool again. Fingers crossed!!

Lydee said...

cute pics! i think Iain looks adorable, fake smile or not!